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I Have Just Placed An Order As A Customer. What's Next?

Once you have placed an order with us, the seller will receive a notification on your order. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase. Depending on the delivery type (self pick-up or delivery) – the seller will get in touch with you for next steps.

There Is An Issue With My Order. I Am Not Satisfied. What Should I Do?

You may contact the seller to discuss and come to a resolution. If the seller is not responsive or is not co-operative, please write to us and we will look into the matter.

How Can I Register As A Vendor?

If you are a small or home business owner, you may register to be a vendor at the following page:

Good Finds Vendor Registration

What Do I Get As A Vendor?

Registration is free for vendors, and you may list as many items as you wish! You will also get your very own store page, as well as a dashboard to manage your orders and to view transactions. Good Finds will also run the occasional ads for you to help you boost your sales.

What Can I Sell Here?

If you are a home or small business owner selling home-cooked food, handmade items or vintage collectibles, you may list and sell your items on Good Finds. We will not hesitate to remove listings if we find that you are re-selling processed or mass-produced items (with the exception of vintage finds and collectibles).

How Can I Add New Items?

Please refer to the following guidebook for instructions on how to register a new account as well as how to add items or fulfil orders.

Good Finds Guidebook

How Do I Get Paid?

It is a requirement for all vendors to register for a Stripe account so that Good Finds may pay-out upon every successful sale. The commission is charged only on the sale price, and all charges for delivery will go direct to the vendor. The vendor is responsible for withdrawing from their own Stripe accounts into their own bank accounts.

Why Do You Charge A Commission of 6% + RM1?

We charge the minimal commission of 6% + RM1 on every successful item sold to cover for our payment gateway fees as well as for operations costs. 

I Wish To Quit Good Finds, What Should I Do?

In the event that you wish to quit Good Finds, please write to us at and we will assist you in closing your account. Though we’d be sorry to see you go!

Important Note. Good Finds assumes that all sellers (vendors) will take the necessary actions for declaration of any taxes imposed. Good Finds will not be responsible for any issues that may arise from mismanagement of taxes.

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