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About Good Finds

Good Finds is about sharing hidden gems and great finds within our community. It all started with the discovery of an absolutely lovely home-baked cake . And we thought – why not have a space where the community can share and indulge in good finds too? And thus began our journey.

Our Mission

Good Finds aims to connect small and home businesses with our community. We understand that small businesses are the ones impacted the most during tough times. Every bit of help goes a long way! Looking for something to add life to your home? You may very well find some lovely handmade items on Good Finds!

Can I List My Product Here?

Are you selling home-cooked meals or home-baked sweets? Do you make custom jewellery or handmade soaps? Are you a painter or a sculptor looking to sell some of your handcrafted items? Got some vintage collectibles to let go? Then Good Finds is the place for you! We feature items cooked or made with love, as well as unique finds. Our keywords? Originality and individuality.

Running a home or small business?

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